Condo Fees May Include More than You Think

Condo Fees May Include  More than You Think

Hey, I wanted to talk to everybody for a couple minutes here about condo fees. There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding that people have about condo fees and I don't want something like that to get in the way of you, buying a great place because like I said, I want to make sure you understand the full picture of it.

Before you can make your decision. So one of the things that I get people reaching out constantly to me is they say, I want a place on the beach, a condo on the beach and I don't want the monthly fee to be more than like $300 or $400 and that animal doesn't exist unfortunately on condos.

So, but there's, there's good news coming after that, than when I dig deeper with them. I find out from them that the reason they don't want to pay more than that per month is that they think they have to buy, you know insurance and flood insurance and pay utilities and all sorts of things beyond that. And that's generally where the misunderstanding lies on that.

By the way, I'm Scott Gregory with EXP Realty. I've been selling real estate full time here along the Emerald Coast over 20 years. And, I just want to share some information on that front with you. When it comes to condo fees. Yes, they can be expensive.

Okay, but the building insurance and the flood insurance are included in the condo fees, okay. People, a lot of times people don't realize that, okay. Additionally, a good number of the utilities are usually included too, you know, pest is almost always included, trash is almost always included and then you've got things that are included in most condos, such as basic TV and cable, basic internet, your water, you know, so all of these things aren't in addition to the condo fees, they're included in the condo fees or as your insurance go goes, you have to get a contents policy that covers from the drywall in and it's really not all that all that expensive each year.

So, you know, basically you just got to make sure everything within the condo itself is covered if something were to happen. So that's one of the things, to keep in mind too. I just really want to make sure that you understood that, because I've seen a lot of people, gets in the way and they think I can't do this and they just don't realize that that it works out that way.

There's a lot going on too when it comes to condo financing, that's just coming down the pike, it's clear that it's going to the interest rates are going to be higher on second homes and investment properties after the first quarter of this year. So this meaning like now would be a great time.

If you're thinking about getting something here in the near future. That's another reason why you might want to consider, getting something now. So again, there's a lot to navigate in the process. You got to get to financials if you're planning on using it as an investment as well, rental as well.

You're going to need to get the financials and so on and so forth. I know that can be a lot for some folks and I'm sure you're very busy. Successful people are always very busy. So, reach out to me, shoot me a direct message here.

And let me help you, there's no cost to me working with you and helping you, we've been doing this for a long time. So just shoot me a message. By the way, Put the comments too, if you happen to vacation here along the Emerald Coast, what's your favorite condo to stay at or what's your favorite area that you like to like to come vacation?

And I'm just curious where you all like to like to go along the Emerald Coast. So just go ahead and put that in the comments and if you happen to know somebody, you've got a friend or family member that's thinking about buying a place here along the emerald coast. Please go ahead and share this video with them, so they can stay up to speed.

We try to put out as many videos as we can, like this on different topics and questions that come up just to help educate the buyers and make the process, go more smoothly for them. So again, if I can help you in any way, my names is Scott Gregory and shoot me a direct message.

You can call or text me anytime at (850) 677-1630.

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