New Construction Homes

New Construction Homes 

We're out looking at new construction here today and I just wanted to show you some of the great houses in this neighborhood. This is in Gulf Breeze. This is actually in the midway area of Gulf Breeze which is between Navarre and the Tiger point area. And one of the cool things about being in this location is that it's in the Navarre High School district.

So if there is a ton of new construction in Navarre at this point, you know, so you can actually, like I said, you can slide on over a few miles and still, if you're still being one of our high school district, if that's important to you.

So these are just fantastic homes as you can see, it's just a beautiful, beautiful neighborhood and I'll flip you around here and show you a little bit more just gorgeous homes. Yeah, so there's a number of different benefits to new construction over resale. One is that, you know, as I'm sure if you're if you're looking to buy a home, if you're looking to buy a resale home, you know, oftentimes there's competing offers and sometimes there's a lot of them.

I had one client that made two offers recently in recent weeks and one had 24 offers and one had 23 offers. So you can imagine that that can get to be a little bit frustrating even if you come up and above the price. It's possible, there could be competing offers on a new construction home if multiple people wanted it at the same time, but it's not really all that likely that will happen.

And that's one of the nice things too, as you can go ahead, secure your home and you know, it will be it's yours and it'll be done when it's done. So that's one of the benefits of it. Another benefit of the new construction is that oftentimes the seller will pay a good number of your closing costs and if you happen to use one of their preferred lenders, oftentimes they'll pay all your closing costs and you certainly aren't going to get that on a resale home in today's market.

My name is Scott Gregory by the way, I'm with the EXP Realty and The Scott Gregory team been selling real estate here in the area for 20 years and if you wanted us to help you by new construction, there's, you know, we can do that at absolutely no cost to you. All you need to do is you shoot us a direct message.

If you're seeing this on social media or you can call or text me anytime at 850-677-1630 and we'll be happy to help you out show you all your options and find that's a great fit for you. You know, the other thing too, that's great about new construction is it's new.

I mean that's obvious, but it's nice to be able to go into a house and it's clean and it's new and it's never been lived in and you don't have to do anything to it. You could just move right in and start enjoying yourself. You know, plus you've got a year warranty on the builders.

You know if anything goes wrong, you're protected on that too. So that's always that's always nice too as well. So again, you know, if you're if you're interested in new construction, no obligation at all, just shoot me a private message here and if you're seeing this on facebook, if you happen to see this after the fact call or text me at 850-677-1630 and I'd love to show you your options for new construction. Take care.

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